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SimplyMonetize™ your podcast feed.

Your content is valuable.  And you can generate passive income streams with no extra work.  Here is how it works.


Step 1: Upload free content

First decide what your free sample is.  This can be a shortened version or limited version of your podcast.  For example if your podcast is 45 minutes, you can publish 8-10 minutes of it for free with a call-to-action to click the link below to subscribe to get the full episode.  Or if you have additional content that relates to the podcast, you can charge a monthly subscription for the additional content.

Step 2: Your listeners click the link in the show notes

Once your listeners click the link in the show notes, they are directed to Simpronto's subscription and check out form.  Once they pay to subscribe, your listeners are directed to a private podcast link they can subscribe too.

Step 3: You benefit from the income stream

The money you have earned minus any Simpronto fees is deposited into your account monthly.  You create the content, we earn you the income.  That's it.

Pricing for SimplyMonetize™

The cost for this service is a flat rate of $20 per month to cover the hosting of up to 10 podcasts streams and a one time $100 set up fee.  Each stream is allowed up to 200 episodes. There is also a monthly fee of 20% of each subscription with a minimum fee of $1 per subscription.  This is 60% less than what Apple would charge.

If you charge $5 per month, the first 5 subscribers would cover the cost of the service.  That's it.