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Logan “Goodybeats” DelgadoHow to build massive muscle and get chizzled with a combination of intermittent fasting and ketoDownload EpisodeBeware of eating Keto snacks that are filled with chemicals. How to get rid of snacking? What is your “Why” for losing weight? I am at a plateau, I have 20 pounds to lose what’s some tips to lose that last 20 pounds? What alcohol do you drink on keto? I want to get chizzled. I am already in great shape. I William , virginia 2. Tell us about KetoCoach and FastCoach? 3. FastCoach emphasizes health and fitness success by combining the popular social support element of virtual fitness classes with dieting. Can you elaborate on how those aspects work together to help users reach success? 4. You have a fairly large social media following among your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts, how do you use these platforms to help others on the same journey as you? 5. Can you share with us how you stay motivated? 6. What are your favorite food tips and tricks to help you stay on track? 6. How do you set achievable goals for your IF and keto habits? 7. Do you prefer the keto diet, IF or a combination of the two for reaching your personal goals? 8. What advice do you have for someone that beginning to start combining an intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet? In this episode, Chantel speaks with Logan "Goodybeats" Delgado, Co-owner of KetoCoach and fitness coach for the FastCoach app and a keto and intermittent fasting social YouTube, TikTok and Instagram influencer, discusses staying motivated on your keto and IF journey with social support, social media, and setting achievable health improvement goals. Logan "Goodybeats" Delgado is a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting expert, YouTube fitness influencer, co-owner of KetoCoach and fitness coach for the FastCoach app. For over five years, he's shared his keto and fitness journey on his Youtube channel, and inspired millions with his message of positivity. Logan has lost 70 pounds using the keto diet and continues to inspire others to do the same. KetoCoach is a leader in lifestyle in-vitro diagnostic testing. KetoCoach is making its first venture into the growing virtual fitness market. Since launching in 2018, they have picked up nearly 40,000 users for their blood ketone meter. FastCoach is the first platform to combine the popular elements of virtual fitness classes with dieting. FastCoach focuses on live and on-demand classes, called “challenges,” led by expert instructors on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. • 2 fl oz tequila (60 ml) • 1 fl oz fresh lime juice (30 ml) • 1 fl oz low-carb simple syrup (recipe below) • 1 slice jalapeño pepper, plus more for garnish • ice Low-carb Simple Syrup: • 1/2 cup granulated monkfruit • 1/2 cup water (120 ml/ 4 fl oz) 1. Make the simple syrup by combining the monkfruit with the water in a pot over medium heat. Bring to a simmer until reduced and it has the texture of syrup. This should take about 5-7 minutes. Let it cool down. You will use just about 1/4 of it. Store any leftover syrup in a jar for future use. slice the jalapeño pepper. 2. Squeeze the limes. 3. Place the jalapeño into a cocktail shaker and muddle until broken down. Add in some ice, the freshly pressed lime juice, simple syrup, and tequila. Shake until combined and strain into a small glass over ice. 4. Garnish with an extra slice of jalapeño , salt and lime. in show notesASAPDownload
Ann BarterThe Thyroid and Gut ConnecionDownload EpisodeThe difference between hypothyroid and hashimotos? How come somedays I can do a 3 day fast easily and then a shorter fast is harder? Why are some days harder than normal? How the Sauna can help you fast longer?Not in show notesASAPDownload
Dr. Stephanie EstimaThe Betty BodyDownload EpisodeThe betty body : How to be an intuitive eater, balanced hormones and transformational sex. Do women need more sleep than men? How to work-out in a fasted state? What is Keto cycling? What is the best thing to get rid of brain fog? When is the best time of your menstrual cycle to do a longer fast? Is Dim good for estrogen dominance and what time of the month do you take it? What is NEAT low level exercise? How good is cryotherapy for your body? Stephanie Estima I am a new podcast listener and I listeded to a bunch of your older podcast: and I listened to so many and the guy was talking Estrogen dominance I found estrogen Detox -on amazon by about fi you have estrogen dominance When is the best time of your menstrual cycle to do a longer fast? Jennifer , Houston I want to thank you for helping me lose 15 pounds I still have 15 pounds to go which is not coming off. I do intermittent fasting and do keto most of the time. Have you heard up of keto cycling? Maria diego, Tamarindo , costa rica ; INTUITIVE EATING Weight gain, low energy, and brain fog are your body’s way of telling you something is not right. One of the most powerful ways you can improve these and other symptoms is through the diet. Every time you eat you are making a short-term investment in how you feel, a medium-term investment in how you look, and a long-term investment in how you perform. Learning how to eat that is nourishing to your cells, without punishing thoughts, or excessive exercise as a ‘‘make up’ are essential skills every woman must acquire This is the hallmark of intuitive eating. Eating without fear of carbs or fats or proteins, but rather knowing what, when, and how to eat for what your body needs to achieve your goals. BALANCED HORMONES Women are not small men with more hormones. Recognizing that we have distinct and an ever-changing hormonal milieu is how we can begin to appropriately, gently, and lovingly respond to both our internal and external environment throughout our lives. Mood swings, energy lulls, brain fog, and stubborn weight gain are all related to hormonal imbalances. The Betty Body will take you step by step through each of these hormonal environments, lab work, and plan for healing for each. TRANSFORMATIVE SEX As a woman, you are the ultimate creator. You can use this power to either create a human or you can use it to call in and manifest what you want in your life. Sex is not a task or something to withhold - it is a necessary part of creating health. Sex and orgasms balance our hormones, improves all our vital signs, and most importantly is a vehicle for self-healing. We can alchemize sex and self pleasure into helping us be more of who we already are. The Betty Body is going to be your step by step guide to setting up your day and night for transformative sex. “See show notesASAPDownload
Rachel VargaWhat and When to eat to have fabulous skin?Download Episode Which ingredients do you need to avoid? You can avoid harmful chemicals and audit your bathroom cupboard using this list of harmful ingredients: · Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. · Parabens. · Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance) · PEG compounds. · Petrolatum. · Siloxanes. · Sodium laureth sulfate. · Triclosan.n/aASAP
Mindy Gorman-PlutzerHow to Stop Dieting: Love to Eat, Hate to Eat: How to Get Rid of Disordered Dating?Download EpisodeMindy Gorman-Plutzer, owner and creator of The Freedom Promise TITLE: How to stop dieting: Love to eat, hate to eat: how to get rid of disordered eating? • Stop Using food as a weapon We know how to diet, but we don’t know how to eat. We want to have a loving relationship with food. The mindset of abundance instead of scarcity. She is a Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology coaching practice. Are you confused about what to eat? Maybe you’re fearful about what food will do to you. Are disordered eating behaviors taking their toll on your well-being, your digestion, your hormones, creating anxiety and interfering with your relationships and day to day productivity?Not in show notesASAP
Beth O'HaraThis episode is for people with chronic health issues. Could it be histamine issues? what is the difference between Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? Could nightshades, lectins, oxalates and high histamine issues be an issue?Download Episode TITLE: This episode is for people with chronic health issues. Could it be histamine issues? what is the difference between Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? Could nightshades, lectins, oxalates and high histamine issues be an issue? If you are eating healthy foods like avocados, spinach, fermented foods and more and notice you are not feeling well, this could be the answer. Symptoms like fatigue, headaches, vertigo, eczema and more you may have histamine intolerance or Mast cell syndrome? What is the definition of Histamine Intolerance?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Catherine MuldoonNo titleDownload EpisodeChantel didn't send notesA meal & a tasting Pause while eatingNormal Distribution
Aimee Carlson**No title in show notes**Download Episode toxin terminator; podcast ; toxin terminator ; believe the only way to restore and renew your health is to get rid of hidden toxins! Join our email list and receive my weekly newsletter with: ~Stories of people like you who overcame chronic disease. ~Industry thought leaders sharing the physical and emotional effects these toxic products have on you and your family. ~Discover safe alternatives you can use to remove hidden toxins for renewed health ~Learn new ways from experts in their field to help you overcome the symptoms of toxic overload! DIY : HOW TO make your own NON chemical CLEANERS, hand sanitizer FABRIC sofners and Perfumes. Chemical city ; Regular heavy duty Soft scrub GLASS cleaner Heavy duty cleaner Cleaner, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer FABRIC SOFTNERNot in show notesNormal Distribution
Dr. Elizabeth CherevatyThe Fertility Episode: How To Get Pregnant When You Have Tried Everything? Bonus: Hormone Migraine Headaches How To Fix?Download EpisodeDr. Elizabeth Cherevaty The Fertility episode: how to get pregnant when you have tried everything? Bonus ; hormone migraine headaches how to fix? Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc is the licensed Naturopathic Doctor and has developed an integrative fertility program, She has helped many woman be able to conceive when they wereen’t able to. The WellConceived Fertility Method™ to help women and couples overcome obstacles to pregnancy and bring their healthy, happy babies into the world. And her book is called the IVF meal plan. What is the root causes of having trouble conceiving? Reducing inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, and getting to a healthy body weight are all good for fertility. Fasting too long will shut down sex hormone flow and ovulation. Not fasting long enough won’t do much of anything. What is goldilocks fasting? Not too long , not too short, just right? I like my fasting just like Goldilocks, Just right! She is going to EMAIL A COPY OF THE CAESAR DRESSING ; to put in the show notes?Not in Show NotesNormal DistributionDownload
Julie MichelsonLiving With AutoimmunityDownload EpisodeJulie Michalson: Title; living with autoimmunity How to help heal your psoriasis? How to reduce your pain and fatigue? What happens if you eat gluten and feel bad and sometimes I eat it and I feel fine? What if I have hit or miss items with my food? How many times a day should I poop? What are some tips to help with bowel movements?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Dr. Kirk GairAll About Lazers, LIPO, Cellulite, Thyroid and Stubborn Fat LossDownload EpisodeDr. Kirk Gair, DC, IDE TITLE All about Lazers, LIPO, cellulite, thyroid and Stubborn Fat loss? What can you do about cellulite? What causes cellulite? What if you can’t get rid of stubborn weight loss? Why corn and soy? Is iodine good for you or not? 9 TEST TSH: 1.8- T3 T4 Total t3 Total t4 FREE t3 Free t4 LIVER DISFUNCTION Thryax pt ; Thyroxal ; Zinc, and seleniumNot in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Dr. Marisol TeijeiroALL About POOP and Liver Detox!Download EpisodeParasite summit ALL about POOP and liver Detox ! The legendary Castor Oil Pack has including an organic cotton compress & 500mL of 100% organic castor oil If you are watching this; you want to see how she is putting it over top of her LIVER. What is Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)? It is an umbrella term for a range of liver conditions affecting people who drink little to no alcohol. The biggest issue is too much fat stored in liver cells. Acidity in stomach? Skin issues with parasites? What is a Colon cleanse? Coffee Enemas?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Eden WeinbergThe Importance Of Design, Brand Consistency And Social Media In Growing Your Public Relations And BusinessDownload EpisodeEDEN WEINBERG GROW AND SCALE SUMMIT EDEN WEINBERG GUEST: Eden Weinberg Title: The importance of design, brand consistency and social media in growing your Public Relations and business. What is Brand consistency ? Brand consistency is the delivery of brand messaging in line with the brand identity, values, and strategy over time. Consistency means your target audience is being exposed to core values and messages, visual branding, that can help to solidify brand recognition. Who has done Brand Consistency really well? What is Important of design? What are your top tips for Social media? How do you get PR for free? How do you do Brand Partnerships?Not in Show NotesNormal Distributionhttp://www.edenweinberg.comDownload
Chris BoutteHow To Use YouTube To Monetize And Grow And Scale Your BusinessDownload EpisodeGROW and SCALE; Make sure we are USING THE THUMBNAIL ! ON EVERYONE Have Michael and JOSH TO LISTEN TO THIS: for this week; Need some editing in the 10-15 min mark I added something: Chris Boutté of Bell and IVY : How to use You tube to monatize and Grow and scale your business Chris Boutté of Bell and IVY How to build your audience? How to define your audience? How to get your How to make money? Tube buddy. How to use it? How to create the right tags? Find out which questions ; TOP 10 Hashtags; Paid; for your TUBE CHANNEL: does give you AD VENUE: criteria; 1 year 1000 subscribers; 4000 hours ; which is about 10 min ; 6 videos ; 1 hour How do you monatize your you tube channel?Not in Show NotesNormal DistributionDownload
SeeSeeDownload Episode I RECORDED HER INTRO: Title: How to get rid of Hormones headaches and get out of a weight loss Rut: Kyrin Dunston – Obgyn who is a functional medicine doctor Today we answer the following questions: How to get rid of headaches before and after my period? What is the difference between t3 and t4? What is Cytomel? When do I take Progesterone cream? Today we ask the following questions. Why do I get massive headaches at the beginning of my period and right when it ends? I know that Changing levels of estrogen and progesterone can trigger headaches. I don’t want to take Midol or Advil but they are debilitating but is it too much estrogen or too much progesterone; Should I take progesterone cream; or estrogen how do I fix these naturally do you know any functional medicine doctors that are also Ob-gyn. All of them want to put me on birth control which I want to be all natural ! Sally in Alpharetta Georgia I wanted to thank you cause on one of your episodes they were talking about Cytomel (t3) and that some people need t3 because they can’t convert t4 and t3 and that was me; so I started taking t3 with my Armor thyroid ; I used to take armour thyroid only now I am taking both and I am doing so much better; since taking the t3 I have been able to poop better; so thank you ….I am binge listening to your podcast and listening to them over and I listened to an older one and the guy talking about Dim supplement that helps with getting rid of estrogen dominance; have you personally tried it …I feel like I am just like you I have all the issues you have had like constipation … thanks for doing this podcast it has changed my life; Jeanna Lynn in Savanna Georgia I think I have pinworms; I think I got it from my daughter? My daughter is 5 years old and now my butt my butt is itching; Do you know anything about parasites? Unknown listener I am so frustrated I have lost 20 pounds with intermittent fasting and now I have gained 5 pounds and I am in a rut. What are some reasons I am in a rut? Lynnette frazier , Waco Texas This came from our facebook page. If you haven’t joined our facebook group click here; Can I hear from all you who it took long time to see results on scale and also in clothes?? I seem to be one of those people and yes I have tried changing things up many time and it has not worked. . ? what do you tell women that are having trouble? I have been consistent since Sept...also I lost last year doing this and was easy. Why is it not now ?? Mary lewis ;SeeASAPDownload
Amber BodilyAll About Detox: Kidney Detox, Liver Detox And Gallbladder DetoxDownload EpisodeAmber Bodily Title: ALL ABOUT DETOX ; Kidney Detox, Liver Detox and Gallbladder detox. Amber Bodily is a sought-after medical intuitive who has helped tens of thousands of people regain their optimal health. Amber has had many experiences for expanded learning that have enhanced her understanding of the human body, its needs and functions. Amber is a Master Foot Zonologist ; FOOT REFLEXLY ON STERIODS How to detox to get rid of SEVERE PSORIASIS and excema? Amber is able to pinpoint root causes and heal the body on a cellular level to heal from chronic disease and illness. She is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist, and has learned ancient medicinal remedies from different leaders. LIVER is not getting rid of the MUCK ; unrecycled can’t get rid of things; Help liver regular hormones; Help liver take out the trash? FOODS THAT ARE so good for LIVER: Cranberries, Lingonberry , wild blueberries, apple, and Asparagus are great for liver. Methylfolate and P5P and barley grass for one month P5P RECIPE FOR CRANBERRY JUICE : How do you detox your GALLBLADDER? How to get rid of really horrible acne without using a harsh prescription like acutane?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Louise SwartswalterHow Not To Gain The COVID-19 Pounds By Changing Your Mental StateDownload Episode Louise Swartswalter THIS needs to be listened to a little more because of pauses. WE NEED TO EDIT THIS We need to make sure we EDIT THIS ONE How to not gain the Covid 19 pounds by changing your mental state? 1. AWARE 2. List of things to do instead 3. Celebrate wins How do CLEAR THE FEAR: KEEP THE faith What do I do When I am at home with my family, I feel like I eat 2 times more than I should? When I eat at my moms house, I eat 2 times as much as I should. When I eat with my husband, and kids I eat 2 times more. But Stephanie, bel harbor MiamiNot in Show NotesNormal Distributionhttps://www.louiseswartswalter.comDownload
Dr. Sarah RattrayHow To Be A Strong Leader In Your Marriage As Well As Your Business Through Covid-19Download EpisodeSarah Rattray Leadership Summit; REAL LIFE LEADERSHIP : where we share real life stories TITLE: HOW TO be a strong leader in your marriage as well as your business through COVID19 ? How to stay calm communication? What are systems you can put in your relationships to systemize good communication? What are rituals to put to help? What do you do if one person wants to spend more time with me than I want to spend with her?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Dr. Jordanna QuinnHow To Boost Your Immune System Through IV Therapy And Healing With Regenerative Medicine?Download Episode Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., M.S. TITLE : How to boost your immune system through IV therapy and healing with regenerative medicine? What is Regenerative Medicine? Using your own body’s stem cells and platelets, we heal injured tissues and improve symptoms of arthritis. If you’re a serious athlete or you’re experiencing difficulties with aging, you will enjoy the non surgical benefits of regenerative medicine. IV Therapies How to make IV therapy that are great for your immune system? What is the doseage for the IV therapy for Vitamin C ? 10-20 grams What are the different salines that you can What are stem cells and platelets ?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution
Debora WayneDon't Gain The COVID-19 Weight! How To Lose Weight And Eat Like A Thin Eater If You Have Tried Everything And You’re Stuck In A Rut?Download EpisodeDebora Wayne: Title: DON”T gain the Covid 19 Weight! How to lose weight and eat like a Thin eater if you have tried everything and you’re stuck in a rut? How to get rid of yo yo dieting? And stuck in a rut of eating? What are the 3 areas to get to the root of the problem of overeating? How to stop suppress emotions with self medicating with food? How to work on your mental energy and doing energy clearing ? How to eat when you are Truly hungry? How to never you ever feel like you are depriving yourself? How to eat One meal and a snack? How to get yourself to say “ I don’t want to eat to the point where I am feeling stuffed? I don’t like to be tired ?” With covid 19, the stress is extremely high, what is the positive self talk you can say to yourself?Not in Show NotesNormal Distribution